Hammer Time!

Just took delivery of some new texturing hammers I ordered on Etsy, along with some more metal stamps. I have a nice supply of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, and Copper bracelet and ring blanks; which I’ve been busy filing smooth. Now comes the fun part – playing with my hammers and stamps, to create some unique and interesting designs.

Stay tuned. I will post pictures of some of the finished pieces, after I finish bending, sizing and adding some Patina.


Faux-soldered Glass Pendants

0493C45F-1179-402A-BEBA-200E0D4FD87BI had a lot of fun this past weekend, experimenting with a faux-soldering effect for pendants.

Search for ‘broken china’, ‘faux soldering’, or ‘aluminum foil tape for jewellery making’ on YouTube to watch various tutorials.

I don’t know who first came up with this technique, but I can see where the idea came from, when you watch jewellery soldering tutorials that teach you to wrap plates of glass (usually with an image or pressed flower between them) with copper foil tape, and then cover the tape with soldering.

Why not use self-adhesive aluminum foil tape, which is bright silver in colour, instead of copper foil tape, and voila!

Attached photo shows a sample of the finished product, using Genuine Sea Glass, that took only minutes to make.

Glue on a silver bail (especially nice with any opaque glass – but I chose to use one I can see through, and I’m still happy with the effect); and add to a sterling silver chain, for a unique piece of jewellery.

I have a beautiful oval Druzy that I’m going to try this technique on next.

Let me know what you think!

Poolside Fun

What a great way to spend a holiday Monday – poolside with my bestie!

Swimming, wine floats, grilling, gabbing; and then pulling out the beads and making fab anklets to wear, to highlight our pedis!

Perfect day, capped off with fresh baked apple pie from Anna-Mae’s!!

More Sea Glass

I’m super excited about creating with this awesome batch of genuine Sea Glass that I scored today! Happy Dance 😊

Sand and Sea

Second in the series of ‘Beaches’ Charm Bracelets – this one is an homage to the fabulous beaches of Phuket, Thailand

So Excited!

Just wrapped some jewellery in my new packaging; ready for sale or shipping!

Simple but professional~I love it!

Shout out to my daughter-in-law for hooking me up with my own custom drawn logo of a Rowan Tree.

Thank you Jen, for all your help!!

New Photos Uploaded

A few years ago, I travelled to Morocco in North Africa.  My travels took me across the country from the Atlantic coast, to the Eastern reaches of the Sahara Desert.

I camped in the desert; I visited Roman ruins; travelled the highest accessible roads of the Atlas Mountains; visited Berber homes; and women’s co-ops.

I went from Casablanca, to Fez, to Marrakech, and many places in between.

I pulled out some silk cloth, and a carpet from Morocco, recently, as props for a promo video shoot; which prompted me to look at my photos from that trip.

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling fairly extensively over the years.

My travels always provide inspiration in all areas of my life; perhaps they will inspire you too.

I hope you enjoy the colours of Morocco.

Check out the photos in ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ section, of my site.