New Photos Uploaded

A few years ago, I travelled to Morocco in North Africa.  My travels took me across the country from the Atlantic coast, to the Eastern reaches of the Sahara Desert.

I camped in the desert; I visited Roman ruins; travelled the highest accessible roads of the Atlas Mountains; visited Berber homes; and women’s co-ops.

I went from Casablanca, to Fez, to Marrakech, and many places in between.

I pulled out some silk cloth, and a carpet from Morocco, recently, as props for a promo video shoot; which prompted me to look at my photos from that trip.

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling fairly extensively over the years.

My travels always provide inspiration in all areas of my life; perhaps they will inspire you too.

I hope you enjoy the colours of Morocco.

Check out the photos in ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ section, of my site.


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